Ubumbano LwamaQwabe

kaQwabe, uNgoye, eMthandeni

Ubumbano LwabaNguni (Ubumbano LwamaQwabe)

UBumbano LwabaNguni (Ubumbano LwamaQwabe) is a non-profit organization focused on (re)discovering the origins of the Qwabe kinship group and Qwabe himself. The aims of the organisation include uniting the Qwabe people as a ‘nation’ and (re)discovering its correct history, rekindling the dignity of the Qwabe and uniting the amaQwabe in celebration of their ceremonies and their identity. The Qwabe kinship group also seeks to correct the mistakes related to the izithakazelo of the royal house of Qwabe as ‘Mpangazitha’, not ‘Ndabezitha’.

UBumbano LwamaQwabe (Ubumbano LwabaNguni) is made up of two segments, i.e. a think tank and a task team. The findings of the task team assert that the history of Qwabe can be traced back beyond the Stone Age while Zulu identity began in the 1800s during King Shaka’s reign. That means that Zulu identity is not (authentically) the entire Nguni nation’s. It was enforced on groups that were defeated by Shaka’s regime. The Qwabe are therefore Nguni not Zulu. Qwabe was the heir of Mayandeya

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